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Large Retailers have discovered the benefit and profits of Private Label offerings and we’re here to help! We are happy to develop a flavor just for you…or offer our own flavors and formulations. In addition to our world-class manufacturing, we can warehouse, drop-ship and have full catalog-style pick-pack services. Give us a call to see if we’ve got what you need!

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Our company has been a leader in the contract packaging (co-packing) of baking flavors, extracts and liquid food colors for nearly 20 years. We are proud to develop a flavor specifically for you or offer our own flavors and formulations. Do you want to work with another manufacturer who has a great product but doesn’t have retail or consumer-size packaging capabilities? We’re happy to do that, too! We keep lots of different size bottles on hand and are capable of accommodating all different sizes from 10 cc to 2000 gallon tankers! Glass or plastic, big and small…we do it all!

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From our humble beginnings as a fundraising product manufacturer to today, when most of our products are now offered through retailers nationwide, we have always prided ourselves with the high value products that we manufacture and market. Our time-tested formulations and high-quality products assure you of offering the absolute-best food products to your customers and will make you, your customer’s retailer of choice. See how we can put more profits in your pocket.

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Are you looking for great product lines that are fast-moving, profitable and sell themselves? If so, we have what you need! Our Happy Home® brand of baking flavors, extracts and food colors are time-tested, have great brand recognition and will make your customers jump with joy because of the tasty margins that they have! Pallet quantities can be quick-shipped, resulting in fast product turns and more profit in your pocket. Not ready to commit to that truckload, just yet? No worries! We can customize a solution just for you. Drop us a line today and let’s get started!

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Bakers, caterers and food service professionals can purchase the cheapest…or they can purchase the BEST, at a reasonable price. That’s Happy Home®! Since its inception over ten years ago, our food-service size 1-gallon jugs have become the preferred package for professional bakers and serious home-bakers alike. Need a jug of one product, but not quite so much of another? We make it convenient for you to not only mix and match flavors – but sizes, too! Our 24-hour/7 day-a-week online store never closes. Need expert customer service? We are as close as the phone. See what we can do for you today!

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In 1929, our humble roots all started with fund raising. Indeed, we still have a large network of customers who still use our products to raise all the funds they need for their church, school or civic organization! We make fundraising easy with our time-tested Happy Home® Fund Raising Plan! Just purchase the products that you want to sell at wholesale prices…sell them at our suggested Retail price…and the profits are yours! Would you rather sell with a catalog? Request one FREE catalog for each member of your organization, compile the orders at the completion of your sale and order only what you need from us! It’s THAT easy! Call us today and let’s get started in making your group some money!

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